• 12 years of software development and database design experience, utilizing a wide variety of languages
  • Lead developer on a number of large-scale enterprise applications
  • Continuously learning, experimenting with and teaching others advancements in software development and technology
  • Team player who is able to both lead and contribute to planning, implementation and maintenance stages of projects

ASP .Net, C#, Visual Basic, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Java, C/C++, Ruby, Clojure, Lisp, SQL Server, SQLite, mySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase SQL Anywhere, OpenGL, PHP, Microsoft Access, Corel Paradox, Subversion, Git, Mercurial

Senior Software Developer | MLD Solutions Inc.
July 2013 to Present | London, Ontario

  • Responsible for customer communication, design, implementation and maintenance
  • Mentor young development team by introducing them to SOLID design principles, automated testing and agile methodologies
  • Technologies: ASP.NET (Web Forms and MVC), SQL Server, Dev Express

Senior Software Developer | Creative Options/Protiviti Inc.
August 2004 to June 2013 | Waterloo, Ontario

  • Responsible for spec review, architecture design, implementation, and maintenance
  • Improved team’s overall code quality by performing regular code reviews and ensuring team members follow best practices such as automated testing and refactoring
  • Introduced and implemented agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban to various teams within the organization
  • Involved in recruiting and interviewing for various developer, quality assurance and analyst positions
  • Responsible for investigating new tools and technologies and bringing them into the team
  • Gained experience working with distributed teams (Argentina, Chicago, Waterloo)
Intelligence Portal

  • A web-based data collection and reporting tool that allows clients to view, analyze and improve upon Occupational Health and Safety, Risk, Regulatory and Fleet Compliance
  • Used by 230,000 users worldwide
  • Features: custom user dashboards, reporting, employee training, document library, automated notifications, meeting entry and compliance, risk rating profiles for employees and locations, importing client data feeds, integration with Compas, etc…
  • Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, WCF, SQL Server 2008, Dev Express

  • A flexible web and PC-based auditing tool
  • Features: data entry, reporting, custom user dashboards, targetted communications, and administrative functionality
  • Includes a web application, windows desktop application, mobile web application and a Pocket PC application
  • Handles importing client data feeds and integrating with other client applications (via web services)
  • Technologies: ASP.NET Web Forms, .Net Windows Forms, SQL Server 2008, SQLite, .Net Compact Framework
Other custom applications

  • Various applications covering areas such as safety training, employee certification, accident reduction, and meeting entry and compliance.
  • Built with ASP.NET Web Forms and Sql Server

Software Developer / Database Designer | Concordia Club
May 2002 to July 2004 | Kitchener, Ontario

  • Designed, developed, implemented and maintained two projects: a membership application and a ticket sales tracking application
  • The membership application kept track of member achievements, club status and fee payments
  • The POS application used for selling Oktoberfest tickets handled purchases, returns, remaining ticket inventory, and custom reporting
  • Both applications were developed using Corel Paradox and the ObjectPal language

Database Developer | Wilfrid Laurier University
April 2002 to August 2002 | Waterloo, Ontario

  • Assisted a professor with their research project by importing stock market data from different sources into a SQL Server database and writing reports against it

Peer-to-Peer Champion, Agile/Lean | Communitech
2010 to 2013 | Waterloo, Ontario

  • User group devoted to helping others in the community learn about Agile and Lean principles
  • Responsible for facilitating monthly meetings, recruiting new members, and providing insight and direction on future topics and speakers

Project Manager/Technical Lead – IT Consulting and Development Team | Wilfrid Laurier University
Summer 2001 to Summer 2003 | Waterloo, Ontario

  • Led a team of student developers in providing technical consulting and development to various local organizations on a volunteer basis
  • Mentored student developers in technical troubleshooting and development of various internet-based applications



  • Allows a user to keep track of scores in various types of round/period based games.
  • Motivation for this application was to explore the jQuery Mobile framework and to experiment with Behaviour Driven Development
Status Board

  • Allows stakeholders and team members to easily view project metrics on a single screen
  • Designed to be displayed on a large tv screen in team room but can also be viewed in a browser by remote team members
  • Pulls data from various web services and combines them into one easily readable dashboard

Honours Bachelor of Science | Wilfrid Laurier University
Class of 2002
Major: Physics, Computing and Computer Electronics
Minor: Mathematics